Survey the ground

Losing is not bad. Defeat is not a negative. Any sportsman will tell you that. In fact, every one of us should lose once in a life for defeat brings out the best in us. So, the question is when you lose have you become a different person? Have you lost your talent? Have you lost all the knowledge you have or the experience you have gained?

The answer is no, what you have lost is just the competitive advantage, What you need is an Edge! A corporate journey is laced with undulated path, sharp turns, quick turnaround and of course an environment that is constantly changing, in fact changing so fast that by the time you learn to deal with it, it no longer exists. So, what is that you need to make it here? Magic portion, advice pills are no longer effective. What you need is a heady mix of experience and knowledge. This mix produces wisdom. Wisdom and wisdom alone will give you the edge you so badly need.

EDGE is a one of its kind programs that brings real life experience in the real world into the academic world. Bringing world class performers to In short what better to learn how to win from people who have defeated defeat, for real? Through, EDGE we intend to provide a platform for the professionals to rediscover themselves. This program will help you to discover your true potential and redefine your approach to give better results. You will not only learn the academic view but also soak in real life experiences translating into invaluable wisdom.

Remember, to edge your way to the top you need EDGE.