Sem I

Effective Business Economics
Turning Adversity into opportunity Recalibrating capabilities to redefine objectives Size does not matter as long as purpose is defined Creating opportunities to build sustainable solutions under adverse environment
Experiential Business Law
Bringing order in madness Create opportunity within a defined framework Bringing law alive within a defined framework
Strategic Financial Management
Finally, sports is all about numbers Scale is all about numbers Bringing numbers alive Translating numbers into business proposition Building Organizations from Ground 0

Sem II

Smart Strategic Management
Converting blind spots into opportunities Building Frameworks to win Opportunities limited only by thought Grabbing half opportunities Bringing alive an opportunity globally
Technology & Innovation
Innovation is not a function of boxes Consistency is the mother of all innovation Innovation – a way of life Innovate to win
Humanizing Organizations
Winning is a state of mind Every challenge/ setback/ failure is an opportunity All things being equal, talent is a differentiator Building teams with non-complimentary backgrounds Changing Culture through Changing Beliefs Talent is a function of competency, not capability
Customer Centricity
If losing is not an option, terrain becomes incidental Compliment to win Micro-manage to build scale Building trust in relationships Building excitement around conversation Together we deliver